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#bebrilliantbr before and after

Brilliant Reflective in action

Adidas Adizero Boston 6

Boston 6

I have put about 150 miles on these shoes and although I really like them I can't go more than 5 miles withough sore feet...

22 October 2017 Update 

I take these on any run 10K or less. They are fast and light. These are a great race shoe.

The lace system is fantastic. I have never had to re-tie shoes during a run. 

27 December 2017 Update

I am now up to 200 miles in these shoes (which isn't bad for 3 miles at a time...)

I am a fan.  The shoe fits like a glove / sock. When I am not  running in these shoes, I find myself wanting to run in these shoes.  I highly recommend them.  I feel supported even though they are light-weight.  I feel like I can run fast. 

Salming Distance A2

The salming distance a2 is my go to marathon shoe.

It's super light weight but still offers some stability.

It's comfortable and responsive.



The Weatherneck System A Breakaway Balaclava

stock photo from amazon.

Merry Christmas to me (from my wife.)

This was a genius gift!

Magnets make the system secure but quickly removable and adjustable.

There is coverage where it matters most (ears, face and neck)

It stops the wind from bothering me and although I haven't used it with my glasses; it is supposed to reduced fogging.

Pearl Izumi Liner Short

stock photo from Active.com

29 July 2017

I wore these shorts for the 1st time today and was really happy with them. They were light weight and comfortable. 


I was half expecting a comression feel to them but was pleased that the shorts fit provided cushion and did not leave my legs a sweaty mess.

These were featured on Zulily


 Or active.com



Must Have #1

broken road id

I have had this Road I.D.  for 3 years. I love it.  I dont think I have actually taken it off in 3 years which is what has impressed me the most. I miss it now that its broken (its only been 24 hours.)


Pictured is the Wrist ID Elite. and it never let me down. I don't carry a wallet and from time to time dont carry my phone. I am a firm advocate that everyone should have some identification with them and this fit the bill (no pun intended.)  It was soft and barely noticeable on my wrist; less noticable than a watch.

Find your style here.




Garmin Forerunner 735XT

735xt with 10 September 2017 data displayed

Light as a feather.

Takes a licking keeps on "ticking".

Holds a charge for days.

Don't leave home without It!

I am a watch guy, so sticking to one watch forever is very difficult to me; but, with the 735 I could change faces or designs so that way if my mood or preferences or outfit change then I can change the face to what I'm feeling for that day.

If you read below I have a review on a Suunto ambit2 and I like that watch. I feel the watch is sturdy and durable and I'll take it on a trail run; but it feels bulky compared to the 735xt.

 The wrist based heart rate monitor is  very accurate for what I need and overall pretty accurate as far as heart rate monitors go but with this model I have the ability to pair it with an external  chest strap.

I have a step and calorie counter built into my running watch which is nice. I can't challenge people on Fitbit but I'm past that stage in my fitness journey  but it's still nice to know whether I'm sedentary or semi-active.  The backlight function is easy to use and as I said earlier I could change how I look at the watch  or at least have the watch looked at me so it's easy to see in all scenarios. I would say that it's glare proof for the most part I've never had trouble reading it  with or without my polarized lenses. The GPS connects super fast on my 735xt.

In short:

ZI like how the stride is customizable

-I like the analytics that's provided

-I like the fitness level that it tells me after each run

-My garmin charge quickly

-the new models are customizable

-they are accurate

-their GPS connects wicked fast (dis I mention that?)

-they're super lightweight

-the bands are interchangeable

-and you can get customizable Road ID covers for the band

I've tried about 8 watches and I have to admit I keep going back to Garmin.

Suunto Ambit 2

 I love how durable this watch is. 

It is fairly easy to use and pairs easily with a heart rate monitor.

The down side is I need to plug it in to a computer with movescount. Once it uploads then I can look at the data in strava or in the suunto website. 

This model doesn't pair with your phone for wireless uploading.

It is also a bit heavier than my Garmin, but i dont feel like its going to blow away with a hearty gust of wind. 

The signal has always been reliable and the maps have almost always been accurate (i would say 98% of the time.)


as of 29 July there is a sale on Active


Air Relax

My legs in my air relax sleeves; recovering from and intense weekend of running.

22 October 2017

Air Relax uses the most advanced digitally controlled air pressure system to provide dynamic compression to limbs compromised by poor circulation.

I tried these at an expo and new I needed them. I have used them four or five times since purchasing them and I can safely say they have been the best purchase yet. Air Relax delivers a natural sequential compression and flushes waste (which causes soreness and fatigue in the muscles;) reducing recovery time following intense exercise or sporting events.