OOFOS recovery footwear helps the deep intrinsic muscles of the feet to “wake up” and do the job they were designed to do—to support the “whole”body to perform and feel its best. ... the OOfoam and the footbed design. ...helps the rest of the body’s biomechanics to be more efficient. And if the body is working less hard, less energy needs to be extended, which is always great for recovery


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Exercise is demanding on your joints, particularly in areas like your feet and ankles. And after a long day or intense workout, that translates into:


Muscle tightness and pain



Why I'm excited about this trial is... what if your shoes could reduce pressure and demand on your feet and joints?

Instead of feeling fatigue, pain, and tightness, you were left feeling recharged?

Magic, right?

I want to check this out—see of the science behind OOFOS recovery footwear really holds up.


From the brand:

The OOriginal takes on new life in the OOriginal Sport. With bold OO graphics and two-tone upper, the OOriginal Sport is perfect for both men and women. The OOfoam footbed provides impact absorption, superior arch support, and unbelievable comfort.


Revolutionary OOfoam™ technology absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear foam materials to reduce the stress on your feet and joints.




Like the long, steady uphill in Syracuse, New York it’s named for, the Sweet Road is destined to become any serious runner’s favorite for fitness-gauging speedwork and uptempo mileage. With our newly developed, longer-lasting KOOSHRIDE foam underfoot, this shoe feels as responsive at mile 1 as at mile 301.

Reebok OSR Distance 3.0

12 July 2018

I think I am spoiled...

I took a chance on Reebok because they have been getting some accolades from Runner's World.

I picked this shoe because it boasts it is designed-for-distance and Weights 8.7 oz, with a Drop of 8 mm...

I was looking for something lighter than my current trainers but didnt want to go straight to minimalist.


Out of the box these are super light, but they kind of look cheap...They are also super stiff which was a huge wake up call from the Boston 6, Ultraboost and even the pureboost.

Where the pureboost is not plush (per se) it doesnt feel stiff.


Just from trying them on I have a feeling that there will be some rubbing on the bridge of my foot.

They werent uncomfortable, just different that what I have been using.


While I have learned not to pass judgment before running in the shoe...I am a little nervous

Glow Red / Maroon REEBOK OSR DISTANCE 3.0

Reebok OSR Distance 3.0 video review

1st shot at a video review.

Pure Boost

21 May 2018


I have put somewhere around 30 miles on these bad boys.

I bought these because I was looking for something which wasn't as cushioned as the ultra-boost.  I loved the feel of ultra-boost and thought these would be a good middle ground between my Boston 6 which are probably as close to 0 drop as adidas gets and the ultra-boost which is probably as close to hoka as adidas gets.

At first I wasn't super impressed with these. They lack the sock-like feel that are present in my ultra-boost and my alpha bounce.  There is no tongue cushion and the insole is rubber.

After a 2, 8-ish mile runs and 3, 3-ish mile runs I have to say these shoes are growing on me.

They are missing that bounce I feel when I run in my ultra-boost (which now have about 150 miles in them) but they are still responsive.

I have raced in the trail version of this shoe and it was a bit heavy for the trail I was on (mostly macadam) so I’m nervous about racing in the road version.

I like it as a trainer though.

It’s a sexy looking shoe, and it its comfortable.

The overlapping fabric on the tongue doesn’t bother me like I thought it would; in fact it I don’t even feel it.

Lacing system is good.


More to come.

Boost technology...

Red #pureboost / Khaki #ultraboost

Hello ultra boost. Where have you been my whole life?

While I can't say these are my absolute favorite pair of shoes ever...

They sure come close.

The slogan endless engery accompanies these shoes and they are fairly accurate. I have run up to 13 miles in these and I feel the boost technology working even in mile 13. So far I have 60 miles total in these; mostly road miles but a little trail here and there. I like these (khaki) for the road and am really excited to try the pure boost this week.

But; I digress... the shoe is comfortable. Super comfortable.  From the sock-like feel which gives me the illusion the shoe was created for my foot to the feeling like I am on clouds when I walk - I can't complement the comfort level of this shoe enough. Its almost as if there are tiny air chambers supporting my feet when I have the shoes on.

I don't feel the heels support I love about my mizunos; but these aren't mizuno... I still feel relatively supported and am not worried about stability.

The shoes are responsive to the terrain and to my foot strike. Did I mention they are comfortable?

They are much lighter than the alpha bounce, maybe a bit heavier than my Boston 6; but not enough to deter me.

I will recommend these to anyone any day of the week.



Christmas 2017 Run - Alpha Bounce

I learned a long time ago not to judge a shoe in the first 3 miles...but I also learned not to run a half marathon in untested shoes... (story for another time.)

The Alpha Bounce came highly recommended as a distance trainer; but I am on the fence... I ordered these partially because they are supposed to reflect light for when I run in the early morning or late at night and partially because they are supposed to provide support (they are a neutral shoe btw.)  These are much heavier than my other two pair of daily runners (Boston 6 and Energy Cloud) ; which I don't mind.  I happen to like the Mizuno Wave Technology (Inspire, Sayonara and Enigma have been the three I've used) and they were on the heavy side.

I ran Christmas Night in these and I really liked the seamless mesh upper and textile lining. As advertised; it gave the shoe a sock-like fit.  It also kept my feet warm despite the cold.  I don't know if that is a side effect or a Bill effect, but it was kind-of cool.

Initially I was nervous about the odd grip/tread on the bottom of the shoe.  I would not make it a point to run on ice in them; but they were good.  No better or worse than any other pair of shoes I’ve worn. I was able to safely navigate the black ice.

The shoe was, in fact, supportive although I missed the lightweight feel of my Boston 6's.  I felt it in my knees which was odd, but it wasn’t painful.  What’s nice is, I wasn’t in pain (I guess I need to fill in that story for another time….)


All in all I am looking forward to putting another 8 -10 miles on and seeing how I feel; and updating this paragraph to have a complete review.

8 January 2018

30 miles in...The feel is getting better; but they are still not my favorite... I ran in the snow and when I transitioned to pavement i felt the 'bounce'  I still love the socklike feel and the fact that even in the snow my feet were warm! 

Adidas Energy Cloud

16 January 2018

I am finally writing this review 175 miles into wearing them...I bought these as every day trainers and I can not be happier.

These shoes are lighter than my Alpha bounce (significantly) which makes them nice to run in.  The mesh toe box is nice, but took a little getting used to when I first began wearing them.  All my previous shoes have some sort of man made plastic / rubber / leather? on the toes or side.

I like the way the laces feel on the bridge of my feet.  At first I was a littel leary because it almost felt as if there weren't enough laces.