Adidas launched a new line of base layers that utilize compression technology, called Alphaskin. The pieces are designed to help with muscle stabilization and improve blood flow to muscles, according to Javier Macias of Adidas Global Training. Ultimately, the goal of these special features is to eliminate unwanted distractions and remove friction between the fabric and your skin while you work out. So, we tried them in a few workouts to see if these claims are actually legit. Alphaskin comes in three levels of compression that you can choose based on your personal preference: Alphaskin 360, the highest level; Alphaskin Tech, the middle level; and Alphaskin Sport, the lightest compression.

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Buff USA did not disappoint. 

I am testing their DryFlx hat and neck warmer.

I have worn them once and I already know why I am a convert.


Out of the box I am super excited to see these are reflective.  I did not realize that when I initially agreed to try them

I was really interested in the DryFlx technology!


Now, having worn these bad boys a few times I can safely say these people do it right.

But you already knew that.


The multifunction head wear (neck piece) has an elastic band to keep it around your nose which is really nice!

Even though the material is light; they keep you warm with minimal weight. 

This is super important for layering purposes. 

For instance I don't want to wear a proper scarf while running; mainly because i don't  want a soaking wet wool neck wrap being peeled over my head like a drenched cat in a cartoon. 

But a scarf would be uncomfortable and bulky.  Aaaand probably allow air to get in because I wouldn't have my coat zipped the whole way. 

The Buff DryFlx allows me to layer and wear my favorite outfits. 

They arrived

I am excited to get these; but also a bit sad. 

I haven't been running because I am sick; but they are comfy to wear as winter/ fall gear to and from work!

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"Disclaimer: I received a Buff DryFlx Hat to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"


The DryFlx Hat is lightweight warmth for cool weather activities, with 360º reflective design for visibility from dusk to dawn. The 4-Way ULTRA STRETCH fabric is highly breathable and quick-drying for all-day comfort.

SpiBeam Review

In the off chance you do not follow my IG feed...

or Facebook...

or Twitter...(maybe you happened on this review by chance......) I have been wearing my SpiBeam visor for almost 2 months.


I love it.❤


The visor is light weight and comforable.  one-size fits most with the velco backing.


The visor doesn't bounce while I'm running or fall off my head.

The practical application for this "running visor" are endless; and not soley limited to running.

1st and foremost, the safety features are amazing.

- You can see this visor in the dead of night (which helps, because where i run there are no lights... only roads... and bears... mostly road.)

But the visor is low key and not clunky like a headlamp.

-You can wear the visor during the day and block sunlight or while running to collect sweat.


I've worn this while trick-or-treating with my kids and i didn't have to carry a flashligh!


During the day, noone really notices there are lights in the visor until either I turn the lights on or draw some attention to it.

This has to be my favorite accessory to running. 


The only bad thing is that the back lights are a bit sensetive, they turn on very easily (which isn't a huge problem, but I have noticed the lights blinking when I had the visor hanging on my backpack --but I knew I turned them off...)


I haven't worn the visor in the rain, but i'm told that it doesn't hold up well (which makes sense....)

SpiBeam #SpibeltBR

Need to keep the sun off your face without the full coverage of a hat? The SPIbeams™ LED Visor is perfect for the transition from day to night. This visor is comfortable and easy to wear. Equipped with multiple LED lights, the SPIbeams™ LED Visor illuminates the world in front of you, while keeping you safe from what is behind you.



Stay Safe and Bright from dusk to dawn with the SPIbeams™ LED Visor. This Visor is great alternative to a headlamp! With lights fanning the path in front of you, you will never miss what may be ahead on the trail, city, beach, or wherever you may be! Multiple LED lights on the front and back of the hat ensure that you are able to see and be seen regardless of how dark it may get. Features Multiple LEDs on Front and Back Easy On/Off Switch Replaceable Batteries – CR2032 128 Lumes

stock photo SpiBeam Visor


I received a #SpiBeltBR SpiBeam Visor to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review


I received a Buff original to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Shady Rays


I received a pair of signature series black emerald polarized sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

Shady Ray's Review

Buy these.

'nuff said.


Seriously though.  I used to be a sunglasses geek (don't believe me, ask my wife )

I had a pair for every outfit.

When I began running I landed on 2 pair and more or less stuck with them depending on my event.

I ordered replacement lenses and just stayed with that one pair.

I’ve run in two or three different pair in the last month and I have to say the Shady Ray’s pair I have; take the cake.

Initial impressions out of the box were leery. I ‘wasn’t feeling’ them. They felt stiff and made me think of the movie Men In Black.

I wore them a few times recreationally and was really happy with the quality of the lenses and my ability to see through them.


The stiff feeling worried me because I tend to get headaches if the glasses don’t fit right and I wear them for too long.

After a few 9 mile runs with these bad boy’s I’m convinced that they are my new go-to eyewear…That is when my daughter doesn’t steal them.


They are light weight and have only fogged up once when I was running in the rain and wearing them mostly on my head rather than over my eyes.

They stay put and not flop around (meaning I don’t get dizzy)


These glasses cost less than the replacement lenses for my other pair.  They come with an amazing guarantee. And the company donates to charity when you make a purchase….



 just IN!

We have a discount code!

*Code "BR" -is good for 50% off two or more pair

WBRENT01 for 15% off your order at

Team Tiux

I took a chance on these socks.

At first I was a little skeptical becuase I haven't found comfortable and functional socks at reasonable prices.

More often than not, if the price is reasonable, the function is poor (socks fall down) or the comfort is missing (itchy or thick.)

With these, you get it all.

You get a reasonably priced sock which applies appropriate compression and its comfortable.


I liked these socks so much that I was able get the company to extend a discount code to my followers!

Head over to tiux and see if you feel the same way!

Mojo may be a no go

2018 Corned beef and cabbage 5K-sh

I had seen advertisements on Instagram and Facebook and the way the world works when you click on a website that product or that brand follows you to every other website you go to and I really wanted to try Mojo compression Footwear I ordered a pair just in time for my corned beef and cabbage 5K and was really excited to try them they're pretty comfortable they felt a little sick but it's okay because here in Pennsylvania it's still chilly and they felt good recovery where then performance wear but they were comfortable and I didn't feel that they were spectacular I didn't feel the benefit during the run but it was only a 5K I did a 3 Mile warm up with them on there was a total of about 6 miles and I wore them for a couple of training runs after that and they were okay then as well I put them to the test at the Sleepy Hollow half marathon in the beginning of April and I was kind of sad the intensity or perhaps lack of wearing them right the right way made them droop and coming across the Finish Line the announcer pointed out the fact that one sock was up and one sock was down