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Join me at 2019 New Jersey State Triathlon on July 20, 2019!

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I love triathlons. As much as I believe the marathon distance road race is the true test of human mettle, I believe the triathlon is the great equalizer of endurance events. Some day, I hope to participate in an Iron Man; but until I have the disposable income to buy an upgraded bike, and / or the leisure time to spend training... I will be confined to sprint and olympic distances. That being said. I am super pumped to participate in what has been voted the best triathlon in the region and made the top five best triathlons in the Nation.


On Saturday, March 2nd, shake the winter blues and join us for the most festive race to ever hit Montrose Harbor - the Back on My Feet Chicago’s Mardi Gras Chaser 5/10K. Let the good times roll at the ONLY 10k in the first quarter! There will be masks, music and motivation. Need one more reason to join us? So many races are for charity... but few are for a charity that is all about running! Back on My Feet Chicago uses the power of running to help change the lives of those experiencing homelessness in our city. All proceeds from the race will support Back on My Feet to provide programming to change lives one job, house, and mile at a time.

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Why I am excited to run the Love run

I have run the love run in the past and to be honest i remember two things.

1. I really liked the mug.

2. I really liked the expo.

Those are not memorable moments in a race.

This time around I am really lookign forward to appreciateing the course and taking in what Philly has to offer! I've run a half dozen races in philly over the last 4 years and remember bits and pieces from each; oddly, except for this one!

More to come, but follow me on my training journey and use the cose above to save on your Philly Expereince!

500 Festival and #IndyMiniBr


That's not just a sweet hastag, its also the code for you to use at the number 1 half marathon on the bibrave 100!

I am really excited because of the hyp of this race and doing the lap around the indianapolis motor speedway!

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If you've never run over a bridge; you need to.

I've run over the Verazzano Bridge in New York, the Ambassador Bridge in Michingan and the Golden Gate bridge in California.

There is something empowering about being over the water which helps you know why we built the thing in the first place.

It's also hard.